National qualification profiles for painters
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Painter and varnisher in Germany


The vocational training for painters and varnishers in Germany lasts 3 years. As a dual vocational training system the education takes place in enterprises, corporate training centers and at vocational schools.

Priorities in education:
  • Interior/exterior painting work
  • wallpaper and laying flooring
  • Varnishing, coating, glazing, grinding and filling
  • an varnishing work on metal, wood and other substrates
  • insulation, environmental protection and energy saving measures
  • Customer service, teamwork
  • computer and media
Completion after 3 years: "Geselle" (i.e. assistant of painter and varnisher handcraft)

Specificity in Germany:

The training is divided into three disciplines:
  • Design and maintenance
  • Historic church painting and preservation of historical monuments
  • Building- and corrosion protection

The assistant's exam is structured into a written and a hands-on part, just as the intermediate examination but more extensive. There are written tests in the areas of economic and social theory as well as in design and occupational theory. By passing this exam the education is completed. Afterwards there are many opportunities for continuing education like for example becoming "Meister" (foreman), site manager, conservator, business economist up to bachelor.