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Housepainter in Denmark

Craftsmanship and creativity

When you are a housepainter, your workplace is never the same. You shift between very different environments. You work in enterprises and at private customers. You work exteriorly as well as interiorly. You paint walls, woodwork and facades, and you mount wall covering.

Requirements of you

In order to become a good housepainter, you must have a flair for colours and practical skill. You must be in good physical shape, because some of the work is performed exteriorly as well as on scaffolding and ladders.

You must have understanding of a sense of order, because order is a precondition for a good result of painting and for a safe workplace - and then it is a big hit with the customer! Last, but not least, you must be able to cooperate with other trade groups and speak with the customers.

The education

You can take a housepainter education in 3 to 3.5 years. The exact time of education varies depending on the time of year at which you initiate your education. The education is always finished with a test for completed apprenticeship which is to be performed in relation to a certain stylistic period (for instance, rococo).

The education is divided into school periods at technical school and traineeship with a housepainter enterprise. There are a total of four school periods, and combined they last 35 weeks. The rest of the time, you will be in the enterprise.


Facts about Denmark

Total area 43 376 km2
Mean temperature
January 0.0° C
July 15.6° C
Mean temperature
January 5.0° C
July 15.7° C
Population 1 January 2009 5 447 084
Capital Copenhagen
National holiday Constitution Day 5 June
Form of government Constitutional monarchy
Parliament Folketinget (179 seats)
Membership of EU Yes, from 1 January 1973
Membership of NATO Yes, from 4 April 1949
Currency Danish krone (DKK)
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