National qualification profiles for painters
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National Painter qualification system Italy

The painter profession in Italy is segmented in 6 main groups:

1) Restoration painters, 2) Decoration painters, 3) Construction painters, 4) Thermic Insulation Experts, 5) Anti-corrosion painters and Industrial coating painters, and 6) Car-refinish. Painter work is also executed by construction companies and is not regulated by painter specific legislation or rules.

The lack of a formal painting qualification brings a lot of problems for the Italian painting trade (e.g. difficulty to find young people willing to learn the profession and trainees in general, because they consider the profession as unattractive).

National Painter Specialties of Italy:

Italy is famous for its Cultural Heritage in particular its monuments and Art. More recently Design, Fashion and Creativity have been developed and are well known all over the world. As a consequence the Decoration and Restoration painting have become the specialisation of many Italian Painting professionals. Most of the time this specialisation is acquired through experience (Training on the job) and through training provided by the producers of specialised decoration and restoration products.

The way of thinking is related first of all to Aesthetics! Painting Professionals have to be first of all professionals in understanding the special esthetical needs of the Italian clients.

The sensations of the country are quite different from exterior to the interior:

The Exterior of real estate is very often in bad state of maintenance compared to Northern countries. The maintenance is very often postponed till the maximum extent. When the facade is really damaged the plasterwork has to be eliminated completely and a completely new plaster layer is needed to get a good esthetical result and a good protection for a long period.

Interior of private houses on the contrary is most of the time executed with a very high level of care and taste. This is private property which allows first of all easy decision taking compared to the exterior which is most of the time shared property. But next to this the interior is also considered an extension of the personality of the owner and its family and as such the pride to show a tasty interior is a priority for Italian real estate owners!